All-in-One tool you need for PFP NFT project launch.

The NFT PFP Builder helps creators launch their NFT PFP projects from scratch with No Code. The builder consists of two core components: Generative Art Builder (GAB) and Website Builder (WB).

Generative Art Builder (GAB)

GAB is a Generative Art GUI(Graphical User Interface) Builder that allows creators to create multiple collections of NFT PFP projects with No Code. Using GAB, you can generate PFP images with a perfectly random combination of traits and subtraits, upload images and metadata on IPFS, and register metadata URI on blockchain for the final reveal.

Website Builder (WB)

WB is also a GUI(Graphical User Interface) Builder that allows creators to freely customize and design their own website. Creators can create pages and modules– Header, Banner, Team, Roadmap, FAQ, Mint, Footer– to brand their projects.

You can explore the functions listed below:

Create your NFT PFP Collection

  • Trait Structure and rarity settings
  • Random generation & automatic synthesis of image layers
  • Trait filter & rarity-ordered arrangement
  • Reveal & custom image upload
  • High-defition image & metadata upload on IPFS
  • Multiple collections

Build a Website to Launch Your NFT Project

  • Page creation & URL settings
  • Various modules - Header, Banner, Team, Roadmap, FAQ, Mint, Footer
  • Edit font style / color & background color / image / video
  • Link hub for SNS channels - Discord, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram
  • SEO-friendly server side rendering
  • Connection to own domain & automatic connection to free SSL certificate.

Full-Service Minting and Smart Contract

  • Whitelist settings and level management
  • Advanced minting schedule condition settings
  • Airdrop / mutant NFT settings
  • Issuance of NFT contract for each PFP project
  • Verification of on-chain whitelist condition (in Smart Contract)
  • On-Chain Randomness - Chainlink VRF, Provenance hash